Who We Are

Vanguard Farms International Is The
World’s Premier Cannabis Company

We are expert farmers and cultivators of Cannabis and CBD Flower. We strive to reform the industry with a 100% organtic and ethical approach. We are motivated to refine the entire process of Cannabis production using a modern stable genetic profile to enhance the entire ecosystem. Exception and evolution define our priorities.


Natural Green Plants

Our vision is to provide Cannabis and information to all those who desire quality, education, and growth under one roof. Our aim supports the Cannabis industry through innovation that restores health through integrity and our desire to serve our customers. With every plant, extract, or any raw product, you will find our foundation built on respect for nature and ethics.

Eco Friendly Farming

We plant by hand with optimal spacing to achieve high yields with unaffected quality. It produces the results we desire with as little effect on the environment as possible.

Pesticide and Chemical Free

Besides nurturing soil with fresh Gunnison River water, we tend to our Cannabis plants with care. That’s why we only use organic nutrients that enhance the plants’ qualities.


Our team carefully harvests the plants by hand, following our protocols to ensure they retain maximum quality. It takes significantly more time, but we believe it’s worth it.

Cold Storage

We dry and store the harvested plants in refrigerated containers that allow us to control the humidity and the temperature. Our team constantly monitors these factors to ensure the exact outcome we are looking for.

Why Vanguard Farms International

Vanguard Farms Int. Takes Immense Pride In Our Core Values That Inspire Us

We are a trusted name in the cannabis industry. At Vanguard Farms Int., we are passionate about providing you with premium cannabis products to choose from. We swear upon these fundamental work values; integrity, passion, respect, compassion, inclusivity, teamwork, results, and commitment. At Vanguard Farms, all these values work in harmony to build a robust foundation in the industry.

We Are Farmers
We Are Genetics
We Are Florist
We Are Scientists

What We Do?

We are the leading producer of American Cannabis, and our quality products are there to change people’s lives. Our experts efficiently harvest our plants by hand using the latest techniques according to state-approved regulations to produce remarkable Cannabis.


Vanguard Farms Int. firmly believes that premium hand harvested Cannabis should be easily accessible to the public. We are constantly available to provide you with the essential information, product knowledge, and support regarding our practices and finished products


Smiles Are True Testimonials!

Anyone looking for premium cannabis flower, this is it! The best quality smokable flower I've ever had in a long while.

-Sarah Parker

Ordered a bunch of cannabis flowers for my 4/20 special. So pleased to inform you that the stuff hits you so smoothly. Amazing experience and amazing service!

-James Charles

What a great experience. This is my new go-to from now. I can't ask for anything more. Also, their quality and prices are outstanding.

-Adam Scott