About Us

Who We Are

Vanguard Farms International
Reviving the True Art of Cannabis Farming

A cannabis company that believes in reforming the industry with nature, science, and ethics. We are motivated to refine the entire process of cannabis production from seeds to flowers to extracts, thereby developing a modern genetic profile for cannabis in the global ecosystem. Exception and evolution define our priority.

The Cannabis Company That Empowers

Breeding Pure American Cannabis To Preserve Tradition And Revolution In Our Practices

Vanguard Farms International adheres to the notion of serving its customers with unbiased quality and a versatile range of cannabis products. We expand our tech-equipped services deep into cannabis farming and the production of smokable flower.

Seeking the importance of cannabis production, we established our farm next to the Gunnison River. Here, we treat our cannabis farms with nature’s most prized resource to ensure optimal, healthy growth.

Quality, purity, and potency are essential, which is why we utilize an expert staff with years of product evaluation experience.

What We Do

Following An Ethical Blueprint To Deliver Uncompromised cannabis Choice

Thanks to our strategic location, we equip our farming with the most fertile soil and clean water from Gunnison River, Colorado, to unleash the mighty power of cannabis. Vanguard Farms distinguishes its offerings with the help of its industry-leading partners to develop advanced genetic profiles for each plant component. We test, validate, and reassess the quality of products so the world experiences the positive effort teams at Vanguard Farms display.

We create opportunities for all those who seat their trust in sustainability, progress, and ethical work. Vanguard Farms produces organic products that are grown at our eco-friendly farm. While the weather conditions are subject to change, we combine the expertise of our farming and scientific teams to ensure moderate climate control, regulated rainfall conditions and balancing of soil pH. These practices allow us to streamline product consistency and trust associated with our name.

Understanding the significance of our line of work and the need to deliver above-the-standard demand, we are continually evolving our services towards developing a balanced ecosystem where we grow 100% pure cannabis plants ready for drying, growing, harvesting, or building. When you work with us, you only find a forward-moving, state-compliant cannabis company that keeps afoot with a world that thrives on evolution.

Driven With A Vision That Inspires

Embedding Nature And Science Seedbed With Sustainable Goals And Missions

Our vision encompasses the aspirations of all those who desire quality, education, and growth under one roof. Our aim supports the cannabis industry and innovation that restores healthy relationships. With every seed, flower, extract, or any raw product, you will find our foundation built on respect, integrity, and the desire to serve you.

Eco Friendly Farming

We plant our starts by hand with with optimal spacing to achieve high yields with unaffected quality. It produces the results we desire with as little effect on the environment as possible.

Pesticide and Chemical Free

Besides nurturing soil with fresh Gunnison River water, we tend to our Cannabis plants with care. That’s why we only use organic nutrients that enhance the plants’ qualities.


Our team carefully harvests the plants by hand following our protocols to ensure they retain maximum quality. It takes significantly more time but we believe it’s worth it.

Cold Storage

We dry and store the harvested plants in refrigerated containers that allow us to control the humidity the temperature and humidity. Our team constantly monitors theses factors so ensure the exact outcome we are looking for.